Repairs, Modifications and Maintenance
At Lockyer Trailers we offer a range of services for your existing trailer –

Repairs, Modifications or simply a Check and Maintenance Service.

If your existing trailer needs repair works, component replacement including axles, brakes, couplings, bearings or other parts and repairs simply call and arrange an appointment to drop in for an assessment and estimate of cost.
If you would like to modify or even fabricate something new for your trailer just call and make a time to discuss your individual needs.

You might be considering upgraded springs, axles, disc or electric brakes, or simply adding a cage or perhaps a ladder racking system, or modifications to suit your personal needs.  These works and any fabrication can be quickly and professionally coordinated here at Lockyer Trailers.

“Custom fabricated headboard together with specialised mag wheels adding style to a 12 x 7′ flat deck trailer”.

Trailers all too often suffer from neglect and then something breaks at the most inconvenient time.

Like any vehicle, trailers need regular maintenance particularly with bearings, brakes, alignment, tyres, latches and basically anything that will preserve the longevity of your trailer.

Don’t take safety risks with your trailer.

Call and make an appointment for a free assessment and estimate.

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